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"Impossible" becomes "I'm Possible"

"I started to work one on one with Karyn when I was in high school.  She was mentoring me as I wanted to become an actor.  She coached me with monologues for a school play.  Karyn quickly recognized that I had an extraordinary talent as a “director”.
Karyn Fine is an absolute pleasure to work with. To me, Karyn has been a wonderful teacher and mentor who has always given golden advice and while doing so she has consistently spoken truthfully and eloquently. Karyn has taught me a lot about myself by opening up new perspectives that one does not normally see, and, somehow, she is able to do this without my knowledge. It happens in everyday conversation – it’s flowing along as normal as ever, then all of a sudden you realize she has imparted great wisdom. The most compelling part of working with Karyn is her energy and generous spirit; at all times, Karyn’s motives come from her heart and soul, and because of this, I feel empowered every time I meet and talk with her."
- Shaya Mulcahy, Director
"A big thank you to one of my greatest mentors who paved the way! Karyn Fine. I could not do what I do without you just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being so amazing!"
- Matthew Morgan, Casting Director
“I first met Karyn Fine close to a decade ago. I was going through a very stressful and transitional time in my life and worst of all a very dark time with my then 12 year old  daughter. Karyn graciously offered help and I didn’t hesitate to accept. Karyn was a breath of fresh air for us. Karyn was like having a full time gardener to me – tending to my many deep rooted issues that had been planted. She helped me pull the weeds and nurture and grow the flowers. My daughter blossomed too! To this day I still turn to Karyn for advice whether it be on a business or personal level. Karyn has a gift and is passionate about helping people, she’s a born teacher. I’m truly blessed to know her. “
- Margaret Scalise
"Karyn Fine can do nothing but start your day off in a positive fashion. She always has a way of turning something around so that you feel better about yourself and your decisions. We have been colleagues and friends every since I can remember.  Her main virtue is that she is always attentive. She will listen until you don’t want her to listen anymore.  And she will be there for you whenever you need her. She is a hard working, strong and diligent.  She sees it all but makes it all positive no matter what the situation Karyn can always be counted on.
I would highly recommend Karyn Fine in anything that she is going to take on. Her wisdom helps us all."
- Teri Walderman, Producer & Real Estate Agent
"When I first met Karyn Fine I was at a crossroad in my life. I was dealing with a long term break up, trying to juggle a few business ventures and having a difficult time transitioning  from being a young adult into a man. Without any benefit to her, she took me under her wing and began to mentor me. We would meet up weekly to talk about life, spirituality, modern day philosophy, how to harness good energy and how to orchestrate myself with a good moral code. When she started working with me I had 5 dollars in my account and was living in my moms basement. I’m humbly writing this blurb sitting in a five star hotel in Daegu Korea working as the VP of an energy company. I attribute the success I am experiencing in my life to the lessons Karyn taught me about maintaining a positive attitude on life, paying attention to details and making sure that I wake up every damn day as a person who is hungry to learn. I do my best to spread the wisdom that Karyn has blessed me with to as many people as possible. I’m proud to call Karyn my mentor and more then that I feel so lucky to have her as a friend."
- Charlie Curtis, Entrepreneur
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