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 “An Entrepreneur is a Creator,

a Game Changer, a Business Leader, a Disruptor,

an Adventurer.”

“Quintessential Entrepreneur” is a title Karyn Fine can proudly own.  She has been a force to contend with in her many adventurous and fun career choices: a set designer, a fitness studio owner, a photographer, a self defence course designer and teacher, and the first “real people” casting director in North America.  Being that "real people" casting director constantly utilizes Karyn’s keen ability to use “side door” thinking. Nothing is ever “I can’t” - there are always options and choices.


Karyn's private mentoring and coaching helps to show you how to become aware of your own ability, thus bringing success to your endeavours.  Karyn's positivity, wisdom, and diverse experience bring an exciting approach to acheiving your goals.



For any questions or inquiries,

please contact Karyn.

Karyn Fine

Telephone: 416-574-6946



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