"If you're

going to doubt something, doubt your limits."

One-on-One Sessions


Realize your potential!  No matter what age, new goals pop into our lives that we might find daunting.  Karyn helps you become aware of the strength you already possess, leading you to achieve the goals you desire.


A One-on-One Session is an intimate setting to help you become aware of what you're capable of.

Actor's Coaching


Karyn has been doing private one-on-one actor coaching for over 20 years.  Actor coaching is more than just learning monologues.  Confidence, composure, and body language are as important as the ability to memorize dialogue.


Karyn’s coaching includes brain, body, and voice exercises. These exercises instill habits that can enhance not only your acting career but your everyday life.

Group Sessions


Group sessions combine all that is included in the One-on-One Sessions or Actor's Coaching in a group setting where you can open your awareness together. 


Karyn's work with groups brings a fun dynamic to achieving your desired goals.